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Chicago is my heart.


“Chicago is called ‘The Windy City’ not because of our winds (which are present, but not markedly above average), but because of our citizens’ historical propensity to go on about themselves. The nickname took root during a late 19th-century rivalry with Cincinnati. Both cities had a meatpacking industry and baseball, and this was enough to stir up a war of words. We fought, bafflingly, over rights to the nickname ‘Porkopolis,’ and our dueling baseball teams, the Red Stockings and the White Stockings. The Cincinnati sports writers, tired of our braggadocio, made ‘windy city’ stick.

And ‘The Second City’ was not coined by A.J. Liebling in his outwardly snotty book about Chicago’s inferiority to New York. We earned that one in the 19th century as well, when the city burned to the ground and we built an entirely new city — the second city — in its place.”

The Camaraderie of the Underrated: JC Gabel Relaunches The Chicagoan by Janet Potter

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